Shameless Light

Shameless Light is a reading of love letters by women and looping video installation of Kitchen Circle for Ackerman (2016). Performance first occurred at the historic Lyric Theater in Carrizozo, New Mexico. Since then, Shameless Light has been performed at Athens Film Festival and the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Love Letter

Projected image, sound and drawing collaboration with Dani Leventhal, 2016.

Night Swap: Everything Must Go

Sheilah Wilson and Dani Leventhal invite all to attend a one night only outdoor swap. Objects crafted by Wilson and Leventhal will be offered for exchange. This is a trade; our objects for your objects. (Swap items are anything that can be carried into the park) Over the course of the evening, you can witness the swap area transform from the original display to something created by the public. Art in the Open, Charlottetown, 2016.