26 Versions of Nova Scotia

The westray mining disaster occurred in 1992, when I was 16 years old.  26 miners died. In New Mexico I made 26 versions of Nova Scotia, as sewn from memory. Tracing paper and thread, 2005-6.

The Golden Egg

Goody B. Wiseman, Tim Jag, Merchant Adams, Paddy Johnson, Emily Lutzker, Jon Carver, Willem Weismann, Colleen Collins, Beltran Obregon, Cooper Battersby & Emily vey Duke, Maura Doyle, Gerry Snyder, Michael Fernandes, Seth Scriver, Haruhi Hayashi, Franky Kong, Pearl C. Hsiung, Terry Young, John Murchie.

curator/editor: Sheilah Wilson

Experience the absurdity in 100 limited edition books of The Golden Egg

Free Mending Service

The mending projects began in 2002-5, with mending broken parts of moths that had been ordered and broken in transit between Nova Scotia and New Mexico.

The Free Mending Service followed, which was advertised in local papers, and with business cards, 2004-5.