Missed Connections

Missed Connections takes portions from the South Bend, Indiana craigslist 'missed connections' and places them on tree plaques which were installed on the Saint Mary's College campus in October 2008.  This piece was curated into a show put together by Paddy Johnson of artfagcity and commissioned by Eyebeam's Addart project. You will need to install the firefox add on, and then your online ads will be replaced by artwork.

Nova Scotia from Memory

'Nova Scotia from Memory' is available through eyelevelgallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia or City Lights in San Francisco, California.  This hand drawn text is an autobiography of sorts.

The Golden Egg

Goody B. Wiseman, Tim Jag, Merchant Adams, Paddy Johnson, Emily Lutzker, Jon Carver, Willem Weismann, Colleen Collins, Beltran Obregon, Cooper Battersby & Emily vey Duke, Maura Doyle, Gerry Snyder, Michael Fernandes, Seth Scriver, Haruhi Hayashi, Franky Kong, Pearl C. Hsiung, Terry Young, John Murchie.

curator/editor: Sheilah Wilson

Experience the absurdity in 100 limited edition books of The Golden Egg