House Becomes You

House Becomes You is an important part of the continuing proposal for new forms of family, representation, queer desire, motherhood, and environment, through a re-working of image and how image encounters materials. In all our collaborations, we mine the experiences of the personal as potential to fracture and access the larger experience of visuality, body and inhabitation of space.

The materials have a range of hierarchies of provisionality. The idea of re-making and fabrication of a material and narrative are both important to how the finished work occupies and makes uneasy in the space. All of the images are sourced from videos that we have shot for Strangely Ordinary This Devotion or A Hand In Two Ways; Fisted. The felted video stills are a basis for a new contingency of material and image inhabitation.

“The stills act as a background for material constructions that range from handmade holders for plexiglass to the stitching of colored gels onto the felted image. The works are marked by their conflation of material and content— foam, felt, bags of water, steel and plexiglass, frame the vulnerable physical body that is presented as erotic, sutured, slack and banal. In bringing unlike things together, the exhibition joins the feral with the domestic in a radiant illumination of queer desire, motherhood, and human understanding.” Erin Woodbrey Gaa gallery