Stack for Carrington's Hyena

Stack for Carrington's Hyena, Sheilah [Wilson] Restack and Dani [Leventhal] Restack, curated by John Neff at Iceberg Projects, Chicago, IL. This site-specific installation uses sound and materials such as paper, fabric, wood and foam to fracture and re-build a projected image of the artists’ family stacked on their kitchen floor. 

Stack of the Definitions of Stack

Large usually conical pile (as of hay) left standing in the field.

Send the hyena to us. She can have the view from our window.

Circles of hay, goldenrod, yellow munsell.

I think I became the hyena once, or rather, I think I asked her to become me.

It is always easier to ask violence of another. Our bed sinks, while the leaves turn to face the sun.

You say that if I can’t stand you the doctors will change the meds. Just finish painting the chair.

Cover the yellow with the red. I want words that hold their shape. You pretend like your breath is golden smoke being released from the hyena’s ass.

DLR & SWR in response to Ann Carson’s Stacks and Leonora Carrington’s Debutante

"Video artists Dani Leventhal and Sheilah Wilson have been known to shock viewers with home-movie-style artworks that revel in taboos such as roadkill and blood, but their new collaborative video installation, Stack for Carrington’s Hyena, 2017, takes a quieter look at motherhood and parenting. A short video loop reveals the artists and their prepubescent daughter lying on the kitchen floor together, all seminude, stacked like animals napping after a feast. The slumped bodies merge into a breathing, sculptural mass. The video projection is mapped askew over a site-specific structure comprising materials such as wood, hair, a crate, and other building components, either found in the neighborhood or bought at Home Depot. In essence, the artists hunted and gathered to construct a cave; perhaps they are the hyenas of the artwork’s title. A reading of Anne Carson’s 2008 poem “Stacks” plays throughout, sounding like an obscure recipe for contemporary sculpture and life." Jason Foumberg, Artforum, 2017

Link to video of installation Stack for Carrington's Hyena installed at Iceberg Projects.